Examples of customized solutions
As a starting point of any customer engagement we clearly co-define the specific need and ambition in terms of future lead collection. Once the problem has been narrowed down, we have a wide palette of solutions to offer. A problem solution will often have its offspring in a combined use of more methods.
See below for examples of a variety of our solutions.

Newsletter subscriptions

Newsletter subscriptions provide the customer with a means to keep in direct and continuous contact with relevant target groups.

This is one of the most effective, and most widely used, methods in successfully reaching potential customers. The advantage is that the customer remains ownership of the marketing channel, and is free to use it as often and for as long as the customer wishes.

Promotion codes for webshops

Promotion codes efficiently generate traffic to the customer's webshop, and act as a means to activate the user on the same webshop.


Lead surveys provide the customer with highly qualified leads, and often in the process of making initial contact to potential customers representing a very specific demography or buying behavior.

Subscription orders

Online subscription orders help the customer build a loyal customer base via the internet.

The internet user fills in his order to a New Lead Media add, and accepts the terms of subscription, after which the product (e.g. a magazine) is sent to the user followed by an instigated giro transfer.

Telemarketing leads

Telemarketing leads ensure the customer valuable pre-sales information. The only requirement is, that the internet user provides relevant information followed by an accept to be contacted directly by the customer.

One of the advantages of collecting telemarketing leads is a markedly increased conversion rate in call center activities. Other customers may benefit from the active accept of the user and grounded in requirements to lawfully taking telephonic contact.